Working Malinois Rescue Resources


Working Belgian Malinois Rescue Resource Victoria

With over 15 years of breed experience, InLine K9 understands the needs of the working Belgian Malinois.


We are happy to be contacted about a Malinois in need or requiring rehoming.

Rescues and pounds are welcome to contact us for advice and help with these specialised dogs at no charge. We will gladly help with temp testing, training regimes, rehoming requirements etc.


InLine K9 has the resources to provide working and service homes to suitable temperament Malinois both in Victoria and interstate. Please do not discount a dog that shows unpetlike behavior, we may have the right situation waiting for it!


Private homes and Businesses/Departments looking for a Mal are welcome to register their requirements with us.

From pound puppy to LandSAR in training, combining both tracking and trailing to find missing persons

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