Discover our RX-series, which is unique in dogsport! Here you find the adequate training sleeve to train every dog! The RX series consists of four bite sleeves that also can be used as bite pillows! The new bite sleeves are unmatched in their kind! The bite sleeves are supplied with cover. If the cover is worn after repeated use, you can order here a new cover. The RX1 is a very soft puppy sleeve to familiarize the dog with bite pillows and bite sleeves. This allows to grow in the training with a RX2, RX3 and RX4. Thanks to the two integrated handles, this puppy bite sleeve offers many benefits, both for the dog and for the handler. This training aid can be used as a bite sleeve aswell as a bitecushion. The bite sleeve can be used by left- and righthanded people. It is easy to slide the sleeve on the arm and by the two rotating handles, this can also be used as bitecushion, for example as the bitecushion "Twister". The bitecushion is simple and easy to carry by puppies. Thanks to its special shape, pupd can't hurt themselves when biting and taking the cushion in the mouth. You can use the RX1 even at home to teach your dog to fetch or to play. Due to the soft and springy surface, the puppy gets rewarded and its good behavior is confirmed. The puppy becomes stronger and will see the bite work as a fun game.All the covers of the bite sleeves of the RX series are easy to pull over the sleeve with the help of a plastic bag. This sleeves were tested by top handlers on world level. Thanks to their contribution, the RX-serie was born. Get one today!Order Only direct from Belgium


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