Euro Joe Nylcot Dog Training Equipment Bite Suit Bite Sleeve Tug Toy Bite Pillow






Set of 5 legsleeves in nylcot with hook-and-loop closure, existing of PBS1 (nr.1), PBS2 (nr.2), PBS3 (nr.3), PBS4 (nr.4) and PBS5 (nr.5). All legsleeves or jambières are also available seperately.With this set you have the right legsleeve at hand for every dog at every age.The nr. 1 legsleeve is being used to teach very young dogs, pups to bite the right place. This small legsleeve is always delivered with hook-and-loop closure. This legsleeve is very soft.The nr. 2 legsleeve is for dogs that are just a little older, already a little bit harder, but still very soft. The pup learns to open up the mouth to get its "prey", and is after this rewarded because of the compressing effect of the soft padding.The nr. 3 legsleeve is suitable for young dogs that already can bite well. Because of the large volume, the pup learns to open its mouth, but once biting, he will "gain" because of the compressing effect and get stronger.Legsleeve nr. 4 is suitable for adult dogs that bite already very good. This piece is again heavier, which means the dog has to do some more effort to put a nice grip. After this effort, he is again rewarded because of the underlying soft and compressing padding.Legsleeve nr. 5 is suitable for the "heavy biters". Because of the strong and heavy padding, this legsleeve catches the strong and full grips of the well trained dog.Because of the fact that the legsleeve is opening in the back by the hook-and-loop closure, this legsleeve or jambère can be given along with the dog as a "prey", as a reward. This will make the dog more selfsecure and will make him do the exercise even more and better!Suitable for the training of Belgian ring, mondioring, KNPV, NVBK, campagne, PSA, police dogs, K9 dogs, military dogs and security dogs.Available in a variety of colours


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