InLine K9 is an experienced and professional dog training and behavioral service available at your home, working around

your lifestyle to provide quality solutions for all situations.


We have the vast education and practical experience to help you 

and your best friend, from common questions to severe,

life changing problems. 


We gladly welcome clients with dogs that display unsure,

unsafe or uncontrolled behaviors.

We believe in what we call LIFESTYLE BEHAVIORAL TRAINING


Using modern, proven and balanced methods that are encompassed

into your daily lives, you can train your dog quickly and effectively without dry repetition or long, boring homework sessions!


We offer flexible solutions for your dog

training needs:


In Home Consultations

All Problem Behaviors:

Hyperactivity, Reactivity, Destruction

Nusicence Behaviors

Obedience and Brain Games

Aggression and Socialisation Specialisation


Small Group Classes

Working and Performance Dog Training


Personalised Workshops

Government Department Packages



All breeds and life stages catered for!



Dogs do speak ... but only to those​

who know how to listen...

- Orhan Pamuk



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